MAY 2020


May 30th - 7:36 PM

Wow, two updates in one day? You're really getting the best out of your HellOnTheWeb+ subscription.

Two days ago, I had a job interview. It was conducted with everyone wearing masks, which was pretty weird. I think I was kinda awkward, and their designated HR person was really hard to read as those types of people always are, but my potential direct supervisor seemed to like me okay. So maybe I'll be working as a farmhand this summer, pickin' fruit and shit. Doesn't sound super fun, but it probably beats retail, tbh.

Also, I didn't even think this was possible, but after playing the Sims 2 for about six hours a day every day for two months, I think I'm finally fucking tired of it. I've done a few Wacky things to try and keep my interest (like making one of my Sims start a Midsommar-style cult) but it's only helping a little. The problem is, without the Sims I have NO IDEA what to do with myself.

May 30th - 7:08 PM

This could be because of my being openly transgender online and unapologetic about it, or because I've been talking a lot about BLM the past few days, but somebody dug through my links for a while if they made their way to this guestbook, and all they could come up with was "okay liberal." Wow. Fucking pwned.

I'm not even a fucking liberal I'm a leftist....but something tells me this person doesn't know the difference.

May 15th - 8:19 PM

I'm sitting here having a quite refreshing vodka lemonade slushie. Today was a very warm day, and I feel very Sophisticated drinking it. I've been 21 for two months and am very much allowed to drink alchohol, but the novelty of that hasn't worn off yet. And given what's going on, I think we all need a good stiff drink right now.

I actually wrote some today. Not anything that needs to be finished, of course, but a new story. And maybe if it's ever done, it'll be posted on here somewhere.

Speaking of, there's a new page. Normally, you'd have to find it yourself in the front room, but since you were nice enough to read my blog, I'll give you a shortcut.

May 12th - 9:38 PM

Had yet another meltdown tonight. What more is there to say about it? At least I didn't publicly embarass myself this time. Instead I withdrew and didn't speak or say a word to anyone for oh, a good hour. It was nice, actually.

Thought of the day: I'd definitely put Dirt on my list of Top 10 Albums to plan to decapitate yourself and then chicken out to.