A story...

Once there was a planet made out of rock. Nobody's really sure where it came from.

When our story takes place, the planet weighed approximately 5.972 × 10^24 kg with a density of 5.51 g/cm³.

It was probably a lot bigger at one point, before some asteroids hit it, but again, nobody knows for sure.

(Maybe God does, but he sure isn't telling.)

There was something unique about this planet, compared to all the others in its solar system...

It was covered in water. It was approximately 150 million km from the dwarf star around which it revolved.

That made it neither too hot nor too cold.

And then, one day, something extraordinary happened.

Something appeared on this planet that fed on the sun's energy, and was able to split itself in two.

The first known example of what we now call life.

Over billions of years, many different forms of life would take to the planet.

Some reproduced by splitting themselves in two. Some relied on help from another member of their species to reproduce.

Some were sustained entirely by the rays of the planet's dwarf star. Some got their energy from eating other organisms.

Some sat in one place. Some swam. Some crawled. Some ran.

Some were warm-blooded. And some needed external heat to warm themselves.

One species - one of the ones that needed others to reproduce, ate other organisms, swam and crawled and ran, and were warm blooded - was special.

(Well, they liked to think so, anyway.)

They were called humans. And they were the only species that was able to contemplate its own existence.

They called their home the Earth. Their star the Sun.

Their intellects were both a blessing and a curse.

They were able to think and feel about things beyond their basic necessities.

But once the food situation was all sorted out, some began to feel empty.

"Why are we here? What is the point of all this? What happens to us when we die?"

All those questions were a point of much contention for humans, personally and interpersonally,

But the last one is the one we'll focus on now.

Of course, there were lots of different ideas about what happened to them after they died.

But none of them really knew for sure, and seemingly nobody who'd died had ever come back to tell them.

Some of these humans believed in places called Heaven and Hell.

Heaven, the place where those who were good and just on Earth live in eternal paradise.

Hell, the place where humans who didn't toe the line on Earth were sent to be tormented for eternity.

One human realized that Hell wasn't a place, but a state of mind. And inside his mind, he was stuck in it.

He made a representation of it on a thing humans had called the Internet (that's a whole other can of worms.

Basically, they could just look at each other's written words and photos and such through computer screens).

Anyway, he made a representation of the hell inside his head on the Internet.

He called it Hell On the Web.