wouldn't it be fucked up if like, all life on earth died because of climate change

except for all the members of domain archaea which are already adjusted to extreme temps and acidic waters and all that shit

you know, the stuff we all evolved from billions of years ago, that were like, here back when the earth was still really hot and all?

and then because they're still alive, they're still mutating and evolving, and like,

what if billions of years after we're gone, another civilization evolves in our ashes,

and they, too, cause their own destruction,

because they weren't able to learn from ours?

and then everything except domain archaea is wiped out again, and then billions of years later, a new civilization grows from the ashes of our successors,

and the cycle just keeps going, over and over and over, until the earth is finally destroyed for good by some cosmic force beyond their control?

wouldn't that be fucked?
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