You managed to restrict for the rest of the night.

Well, it's bedtime, and you did a good job. You didn't give in to the urge to pig out like you always fucking do. You proudly check off on LoseIt! that you're done logging for the day. You smile as it tells you that if you continue eating like this, you'll be at your goal weight in two weeks.

You drift off into an uneasy sleep on an empty stomach. Your dreams are full of images of your body, and you have dreams about devouring food, more than one human could conceivably eat. At 3 AM, you wake up half-relieved that you were only dreaming, and disappointed that your life is still one of starvation.

Only a few more months of this and you'll finally be Thin Enough. BMI 13. That's the goal. You try not to think about how long you have to go. You're still at 19.3.M

> The cycle begins anew.