a dream diary for my stupid dumbass dreams...

February 11th, 2020

Been sleeping at odd hours lately. Anywhere between 5 and 18 hours a day. Sleeping from 5pm-11pm, then again from 3am-9am. Stuff like that. Anyway, this particular dream happened when I was sleeping between 5 and 11 last night.

Been having a lot of recurring dreams that I'm either back in high school, or still in it for whatever reason. Like the other night when I started senior year for the 4th time. This time I was back in high school and trying to read the latest Homestuck update on my laptop after I was supposed to be asleep. Every time I thought I heard my parents coming up the stairs, I'd slam my laptop shut. So...exactly like my life in high school.

The update was in the form of a sketchy program you had to download that used an outdated version of Java. It was a shitty low-poly adventure game. Graphics-wise it very much resembled worlds.com and TS1/2. I believe the main character was Roxy, and it flipped between first and third person view.

Plus some other random shit happened that didn't seem connected. Like I downloaded some TS2CC and it didn't work. Just like real life!

February 1st, 2020

Oh fuck, I actually have something to write about! It didn't make much sense and many of the details have already escaped my memory, but I remember it had a lot to do with the psych hospital, because of course it did.

I was back in Fr*ends H*spital (I think?) and I signed my 72-hour notice and just like in real life, the waiting was agony, but finally the doctor signed off on it and agreed to let me go. It was only on the way out that he informed me that he wouldn't give me a prescription for any of my meds unless I signed myself back in right away. So I did, and I think I signed another notice? I don't really remember.

The staff in the dream were about as shitty as at the real Friends. I remember they mostly sat around and watched TV on shift...just like at the real Friends. We also went on a tour of the grounds - this is where things start to get far less coherent - and it was almost like a magical estate with a huge garden, spooky dusty hidden passages, and...I don't know, maybe another dream started to cut in in the middle but there was also a part where I went to some kind of state fair and my parents had a tent where they sold gold-plated balloons. Except their boss yelled at them because not all of the balloons were gold.

Excuse me, what?

But yeah after the tour, my 72 had expired and I was allowed to leave. My family were waiting in the lobby. We waited for all the paperwork bullshit to go through but the staff were too mesmerized by the TV (just like the real Friends) so we just left. The End.

Well, it was a pretty stressful dream, but it wasn't a straight-up flashback at least, so I'll take it.