some close-minded people say the only genders are "male" and "female"

This has literally never been true, unless you think only white Europeans define everything. See links below:

"but even beyond gender identity, you're still BIOLOGICALLY male or female!"

This may blow your mind, but nothing in nature is that clear-cut. Plenty of species, including humans, have genotypes that go beyond clearly-defined sexes:

BUT ANYWAY, the truth is, there aren't two genders...

Nor are there 18 million.

Gender is fakey-fake made-up bullshit! There are actually a total of 0 genders.

I reject all the stupid roles that society has assigned me based on my genitals.

some people apparently don't have the guts to do the same.

if you are cis and you are angry about this page, please take your complaints here. Thank you!

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