August 10th, 2020 - 11:54 PM

If the on-fire young person who started this website in January could see how long I've let it languish just a few months later, he'd have a shitfit. Or at least be mightily disappointed.

I've had a horrible Depressive Episode that finally showed its face in full once my seasonal job let me go. My therapist asks me each week what I've done since our last appointment, and every week since it started the answer has been Nothing. No creative pursuits, no social interaction, not even the energy or attention span to partake in Media Consumption. Just endless scrolling through horrible social apps and a wack sleep schedule that makes all the days blur together.

But I seem to be coming out of that, at least a little bit. I have some ideas for new things I can add to this site. The main idea is some kind of page/article/aggregation of links related to the Burlington Center Mall. Its story, I suppose, isn't unique in the world of dead malls, but it's special to me on a personal level, given that it resides in the next township over from me. Hopefully my writing about the idea here will make me hold myself accountable enough to actually add it.