You couldn't resist anymore...

You were too hungry weak. You said to yourself "just half an ounce of chips" and ended up eating the whole bag, and another one, and some cookies, and a bunch of other shit too. Dejected, you plug all the calories into LoseIt! "Everybody gets off-track sometimes. Tomorrow is a fresh start," it tells you. Yeah, right, at this rate, you're never going to get anywhere.

You know what to do. You take the position, kneeling over the toilet. You always hated vomiting, it's the worst feeling in the world, but now you've almost gotten used to it. Stomach-flavored half-digested corn chips start coming keep your fingers in until you can't stop heaving. You look at the results. It doesn't matter. Some of it was digested already, and there's no way you could bring it all back up.

Your body is weak and shaky from the heaving. You float down the hall into your bedroom.

You feel like the absolute worst person on Earth. Greedy, piggy, throwing away everything you worked for. You cut yourself before going to bed, making it as painful as possible. Then you fall back into a short, uneasy sleep, dreading what the scale will say tomorrow.

> The cycle begins anew.